Medicim develops innovative solutions based on medical imaging to support diagnosis therapy and surgery. Medicim aims to contribute in the search for better patient care. Close collaboration of medical doctors and software engineers is the basic pillar of the company. Medicim aims to be a key player in the niche of 3D image-based environments to support treatment planning.

More about Medicim

Surgical splint

visual: Surgical splint

Now you can transfer your orthognathic planning to the operating room. In case of bimax surgery, an intermediate and final splint can be produced. Upload your data and a few days later you receive the surgical splint.

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Patient case

visual: Patient case

Patient case presenting a 15 year old girl with a class 2 deep bite and a prominent chin. Full orthognathic planning was applied using an Augmented Model of the patient.

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Mirroring tool

visual: Mirroring tool

For patients with defects caused by trauma or cancer, reconstructive surgery is necessary. Maxilim contains a new tool to mirror anatomical parts. This can help you defining the best treatment.

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